Ndevr Ipadding Case For Apple Ipad Red [Ipad-Gr-R1]

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The Ndevr iPadding Gremlin is a soft protective case for the iPad specially made ​​for active children and their worried parents!
With your iPad 2 3 4 on this case everyone is happy the children love the comic cover great and as a parent you calm breathing if your child with your iPad i

The cover is made of soft pliable very sturdy material that is not toxic and if you drop the iPad than the solid material absorbs the shocks.

You can use the sleeve as standard and by rotating the tail you change the viewing angle of your iPad. The right ear of the Gremlin is hollow and ensures that the sound is amplified. There is also a recess at the rear so that the camera remains usable at all times!

Product Features:

  • Specially made for children
  • Sturdy shock-absorbing cover
  • Tailor-made for the Apple iPad 2 3 4
  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy to hold
  • Integrated standard that adjustment is
  • Cutouts for the camera
  • Sound Fortifying
  • Flexible material
  • Kids Proof