KISS i-ENVY Luxe Individual Black SHORT Multi-Pack (KPEM01B)

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KISS i-ENVY Luxe Individual Black SHORT Multi-Pack (KPEM01B) contains 4 packs of Kiss i-ENVY Individual Lashes LUXE Black Short.  Individual Lashes LUXE Black Short are darker individual flare clusters that add definition, depth, and luxurious volume to your eyes as desired. The “Mini Knot” technology allows for a more natural look at the lash line.

Kiss Premium Eyelashes:
  • Contains 4 packs of Individual LUXE Black Short (KPE01B)
  • Comes in Short length lash clusters
  • Especially great for eyeshapes: (All), Small Eyes, Large Eyes, Round Eyes, Almond-Shaped Eyes
  • Ideal for occasions: Daily use, Prom, Wedding, Party, Night out

How to apply Kiss Individual Luxe Black Short Lashes:

1. Using tweezers, gently remove a trio lash from tray.

2. Dip knotted end of lash from tray.

3. From the outer corner, place lash cluster on lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry. Gradually work toward the other corner until lashes blend.


How to Remove Kiss Individual Luxe Black Short Lashes:

Using lash adhesive remover or baby oil, moisten cotton swabs and gently massage over lashes.