Gravity Sensor Remote Control RC Car Racing

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The Gravity Sensor Remote Control Enabled RC Racing Car makes a perfect gift for the upcoming race car enthusiast in your family. This 1:4 scale, radio controlled car will excite kids above the age of 3 and is appealing to adults too. This RC race car can be controlled with precision via the bundled 2 channel, battery operated remote that is shaped like a steering wheel. The remote incorporates a gravity sensor, which helps the car execute the movement that you perform on the steering wheel to the t. It sports a brawny appearance and is available in a flashy yellow and black color scheme. This electric RC car features shiny silver rims, sleek black wing mirrors, and fog lights, just like you would find on your favorite muscle car.


This Gravity Sensor Remote Control Enabled RC Racing Car will thrill those who love fast, powerful muscle cars. The RC race car comes resplendent in an eye catching yellow and black paint job. It has smart black wing mirrors, polished silver rims, and fog lights that will remind you of classic American pony cars.


This RC Race Car can be easily controlled by kids and adults alike via its bundled, steering wheel shaped remote that features a gravity sensor. The sensor ensures the car mimics the movement that you carry out on the steering wheel with accuracy.