Dimples Hair Remover 200ml mousse foam spray

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Rose odor removal cream


Face Use: Due to the sensitive facial skin soft, first coated with a little hair removal product, without discomfort or allergic reactions, can be assured.

1, hair removal site does not apply soap and hot water or washing, are not only using sweat or deodorant within 24 hours after hair removal.

2, if not accidentally cause NA depilatory mousse, immediately flush with water.

3, nose, ears, breasts, private parts. Injury and inflammation of the skin are not suitable apply.




1, wet skin after use

2, the first processor under the hair in one direction along the hair, make hair removal from the desire of the parts 10-15 cm use, press down firmly on top of the bottle, spray the mousse on the site For hair removal (when do not hesitate to spray press firmly). To spray the legs and hands, work with up and down fast-moving action in order to ensure a uniform spray mousse For hair removal on the site.

After a good spray spray if more, it is best to approximate to spreadable it because if sprayed too much penetration will be relatively strong small sting (not allergic).

3, depilatory mousse left on the hair for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on thick coarse hair juvenile may be, at least five minutes, after all, is a mild-type.

4, try to remove the hair, the reverse is better (such as hair easily wiped clean, you can follow 3, continued), and then water to wash away the residue of fouling. Wipe dry with a soft towel.

5, please remain on the foam nozzle wipe after each use.