Delia Colour Cream for Eyebrow Black 1.0 with Argan Oil

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Great eyebrows colouring - do it yourself. Time-tested method for eyebrows colouring. Classic and economic treatment that can be done at home. Perfect method for women of any age. Replaces everyday use of brow liner. Great for filling minor eyebrows defects. Simply mix the content of two sachets - powder with colourant and activator, and apply delicate emulsion on brows with a chop stick or brush, shaping them like you want. After removing henna, shape brows with tweezers in a fashionable or favourite way. Colour intensity depends on colouring duration. The treatment done with the manual on the box, will give your brows ideal shape and enhance your eyes. Long-lasting colour up to 14 days makes you forget about. Everyday brow care, and you don't have to take additional cosmetics for your trip. Colour recommended for women with black or dark brown hair. You can have beautiful brows today, investing little money in the box for one treatment.