Delia Cameleo Hair Color Cream 9.13 - Champagne Blond

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  • Cameleo is a modern paint for the hair with a soft effect, which ensures intensive and uniform color. A wide color gamut ensures the right choice: from golden-blond and intense red, elegant Brown to deep black. The chosen color gives the hair a brilliant shine and elasticity of course. 
  • The contents of the package is a sachet with a mixture of natural oils: soy and argan oil rich in active vitamin E and Omega 6. The use of the oils in combination with the paint ensures intense moisture and smoothness of the haasturctuur and prevents damage to the hair during dyeing. Regenerative balm after dyeing, guarantees durability and protection of the resulting color. 
  • The unique combination of cream color and natural fabrics guarantees good treatment of the hair and especially a beautiful, deep and glansend color effect.
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