About us

What do you get if you cross a unique insider knowledge of the U.S., European, and Egyptian retails markets with a passion for shopping and a knowledge of business? Seriously though, it's no joke, you get Ahlayn. We have one aim: from the device at your fingertips we want to open up a whole world of shopping possibility. We want to offer you the World! We want to deliver 100% genuine, quality branded items to the people of Middle East from the stores and boutiques in the international shopping capitals. We will scour the market and select the best deals, the Ahlayn, so you can shop until you drop but from the comfort of your own chair, in your own city. So, what makes us capable of doing this for you? Well, firstly, we aren't all about the profit. Yes of course like any business we need to pay the wages but we genuinely want to offer great items at a cost that's suitable and affordable to all. We want to minimise the gap between the wholesale and retail prices by offering our products at close to wholesale cost. It's time to abandon the enormous mark ups which have only one winner and create a bit of equality for all. Secondly, we have the experience. Since the year 2000 we have been doing online business and now have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the best customer service and best deals to our customers. We want to thank you for visiting us and thank you for taking the opportunity to get to know us a bit better. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our work so please do not hesitate to contact the management team at any time. So again, thank you and enjoy those Ahlayn!